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I have been tweaking on the SV1s little by little.Only made it to the track 3 times this season.Last time out I was hoping for my 1st 8 second slip with my 3700 lb street heap.
  Anyway about a week ago I was cruising down to our car clubs last meeting and the engine just crapped out! Was able to roll into a KFC to try and diagnose.Strong spark to the cap and next to NOTHING to the plugs.Popped the cap and all looked.......OK.Got a ride back to my rollback and brought the car back to my garage.Looking closer I couldn't see anything. Rmoved the MSD rotor and BINGO,found the issue.
   I should have seen it at the track last time,but was by myself and that makes it rough.
SO,the moral of my story,look UNDER your cap on a regular basis.I now carry an extra.
   Will also phase the rotor in and reduce the plug gap.

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WOW, thats a bad burn too!!  Glad you found that and rolled to a safe spot!

Patrick James-President

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Those screen shots are from Atco,it felt "off a little" and only made 2 passes.Threw more boost at it with an open exhaust.60ft was terrible and thought it was wheel spin and I was down on MPH and called it a day........
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