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I have a 365 sbc race engine that will be using a Edelbrock tunnel ram. The engine will be turned 9200 rpm. My head's flow 355 cfm. I need to know which 4150 hp carbs to use?

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Lets find out:

If you would, fill out one of our Online Quote/Order forms.  We do many of these per day and its puts your info in a more usable format and easier for us to reference/review your data to come up with a plan for you.  Then just E it in and I'll e you back after I review your program.   We cut/paste and compare this data to 15 years of builds we have done and we do those every hour or two M-F until 9 p.m.


Watch for an e mail back informing you "Hey I got your quote and I am working on it"   So you know you did it right.  You will get this e mail back within about 60 seconds of when you hit "SUBMIT" and send the quote form over.

Click this link:

I tell folks if you dont hear from me within an hour or two M-F 9-5, something went wrong in either e mail address or deliverability. 

So be sure your E mail address is correct on the form and will not direct the E mail to a spam folder (THIS HAPPENS QUITE OFTEN).

Patrick James-President
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