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I have always used an HVH Super Sucker carb spacer on my set up. Couldn't tell you if it helped or not but I just ordered a Venom VX carb and I want your thoughts on using the carb spacer, good Idea, bad idea or dosen't really mater.

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I replied to this a few days ago and just saw my post didnt post... so here it is again.

On four barrel carbs, spacers
 are typically like ignition timing, you have to try them

I tell folks to try a 1" open AFTER you try it without a spacer, then try a four hole.

It may want none, both or one of them.

They are so hit and miss.

On my main test car when we use a four barrel, when the air is good it wants an open spacer.

When the air is bad it wants no spacer, anything in between it likes a four hole.

Patrick James-President
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